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central minster


Secretary, Disaster Management and Rehabilitation

Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority

Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority (USDMA) is a part of State Government and is a nodal agency for planning, co-ordination and monitoring activities related to disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and management. USDMA lays down policies on disaster management for the state. It approves disaster management plan in accordance to the guidelines laid down by National Authority and co-ordinates its implementation. It provides guidelines and reviews the measures being taken for mitigation, capacity building and preparedness by the Government and issue guidelines as necessary. USDMA recommends provision of funds for mitigation and preparedness measures. Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority (USDMA) was set up and notified as per sub-section (1) of section 14 of Disaster Management Act 2005.

Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority Member

  • 1. Hon’ble Chief Minister – Chairperson
  • 2. Hon’ble Minister, Disaster Management – Vice-Chairperson
  • 3. Hon’ble Minister, Health and Family Welfare – Member
  • 4. Hon’ble Minister, Drinking Water and Irrigation – Member
  • 5. Hon’ble Minister, Transport – Member
  • 6. Hon’ble Minister, Rural Development – Member
  • 7. Chairperson of the State Executive Committee – Member and (Chief Secretary) Chief Executive Officer
  • 8. Principal Secretary, Finance – Member
  • 9. Principal Secretary, Disaster Management – Member

Risk Analysis


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Incident Logging

Incident Logging during disaster by district disaster management centres and state emergency operation centre.

Incident reporting

Incident reporting during disaster by district disaster management centres and state emergency operation centre.

Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking of all the ambulances and other vehicles.

Weather Prediction

Meteorological weather prediction, warning, city weather and sensors integration.

Aapda Mitra Information

Aapda Mitra information, that may help in disaster.

River Water Information

River water discharge sensories integration.

Integration Information

Integration with IMD for weather information.

Crucial information

Crucial information of line departments like PWD (Roads & Segments),UJVNL (Discharge Monitoring & Dam project detail), Hospitals details.

Contact and Location

Officer Name Designation Name Office Telephone Fax
Smt. Radha Raturi Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand 0135-2712100, 2712200 2712500
Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sinha Secretary Disaster Management, Uttarakhand 0135-2710334 2710199
Shri Savin Bansal Additional CEO (Admin), USDMA 0135-2712113
Smt Riddhim Aggarwal Additional CEO (Implementation), USDMA 0135-2710334, 2710232 2710335
Dr. Anand Srivastava Additional Secretary Disaster Management 0135-2710233 2710199
Dr. Piyoosh Routela Executive Director, USDMA 0135-2710233 2710199
District Officer Name Designation Name Office Telephone Fax Residence Telephone
Almora Mr. Vineet Tomar District Magistrate 05962- 230170 238073 230299
Bageshwar Mrs. Anuradha Pal District Magistrate 05963-220763, 220003 220328 220330
Chamoli Mr.Himanshu Khurana District Magistrate 01372-252102, 252320 252102, 252203 252101
Dehradun Smt. Sonika District Magistrate 0135-2622389 2720025, 2655225 2659975
Haridwar Shri Dhiraj Singh Garbiyal District Magistrate 01334-239440 239561 239645
Nainital Miss Vandana Singh District Magistrate 05942- 235684 236305 235265
Pauri Garhwal Dr Ashish Kumar Chauhan District Magistrate 01368-222504, 222811 222811 222202
Pithoragarh Smt Reena Joshi District Magistrate 05964-225301, 225201 225395 225201, 225308
Rudra Prayag Shri. Mayur Dixit District Magistrate 01364-233300, 233834 233380 233281, 233376
Tehri Garhwal Dr. Saurabh Geherwar District Magistrate 01376-232092, 234793 232233, 232356 232040
U S Nagar Dr. Yugal Kishore Pant District Magistrate 05944-242344, 242345 250408 250404
Uttarkashi Shri. Abhishek Ruhela District Magistrate 01374-222280 222119 222101
District Officer Name Designation Name Office Telephone Fax Residence Telephone
Almora Shri Chandra Singh Martolia Additional District Magistrate 05962-233203
Bageshwar Mr. Chandra Singh Imlal Additional District Magistrate 05963-221868 220368
Chamoli Mr. Abhishek Tripathi Additional District Magistrate 01372-253785
Champawat Shri Hemant Kumar Verma Additional District Magistrate 05965-230299
Dehradun Shri Beer Singh Budhiyal Additional District Magistrate, Finance/Revenue 0135-2628893 2726066
Dehradun Shri Ramji Saran Sharma Additional District Magistrate
Haridwar Mr. Vir Singh Budhiyal (Finance) Additional District Magistrate, Finance
Haridwar Mr. Pyare Lal Shah (Administration) Additional District Magistrate, Administration 01334-226442 239554/234674 221663
Nainital Shri Ashok Joshi (Administration) Additional District Magistrate 05942-235766 236112
Nainital Shri Shiv Charan Dwivedi Vacant (Finance/Revenue) Additional District Magistrate
Pauri Garhwal Mrs. Elagiri Additional District Magistrate 01368-222564 221840 221301
Pithoragarh Shri Fincha Ram Chauhan Additional District Magistrate 05964-225202 225395
Rudra Prayag Shri Dipendra Singh Negi Additional District Magistrate 01364-233185 233380
Tehri Garhwal Shri Krishna Kumar Mishra Finance/Revenue Additional District Magistrate 01376-233992
U S Nagar Shri Lalit Narayan Mishra, Finance/Revenue Additional District Magistrate, Finance/Revenue 05944-242087
U S Nagar Shri Lalit Narayan Mishra (Administration) Additional District Magistrate, Najul 05944-250706
Uttarkashi Mr. Tirthpal Singh Additional District Magistrate 01374-222109 226055
Officer Name District Control Room No.
Shri Bhupesh Pithoragarh 05964-228050, 226326, 224224
Ms. Shikha Suyal Bageshwar 05963- 220197, 220196
Shri Sailesh Kumar Nainital 05942-231179, 231178
Shri. Uma Sankar Negi U S Nagar 05944-250719, 250103
Shri Nand Kishor Joshi Chamoli 01372-251437, 251077
Shri Nandan Singh Rudra Prayag 01364-233727
Shri Devendra Patwal Uttarkashi 01374-222722, 222126
Smt. Deepsikha Rawat Dehradun 0135-2726066, 2626066
Smt.Meera Kainthura Haridwar 01334-223999, 239423
Shri Birjesh Bhatt Tehri Garhwal 01376-233433, 234793
Shri Vineet Pal Almora 05962-237874, 75
Shri Manoj Pandey Champawat 05965-230819, 230703
Shri Deepesh C kala Pauri Garhwal 01368-221840
Shri Rahul Jugran 0135-2710334, 2710335 (F)
Location Phone Email ID
USDMA, Secretariat Campus, 4-B, Subash Road, Dehradun Uttarakhand. Call us at 0135-2710233 Send Us an Email (usdmauttarakhand@gmail.com)

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